Team 02

Taryn Myers Marketing Director
Marketing Director
Taryn Myers
Taryn Myers is part nerd, part artist. She loves her spreadsheets that she lives [...]
Ashley Johnson Inventory Coordinator
Inventory Coordinator
Ashley Johnson
<a href=”mailto:ajohnson@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Peter Bongiorno Parts Department
Parts Delivery Driver
Peter Bongiorno
Peter has been in the automotive business for 10 years. He was previously the [...]
Stephen Lombardi Parts Department
Parts Department
Steve Lombardi
<a href=”tel:+603-964-9806″>(603) 964-9806</a>
Parts Counter Person
Derek Bentley
Derek is a very personable and knowledgeable counterman that has been in the [...]
Nicolas Dube Service Techician
Master Certified Ford Technician
Nick Dube
Nick has been with us since the beginning of his days as a professional tech. [...]
Gold Level Hyundai Technician
Mark Rice
Mark has been a Hyundai certified technician for 17 years and has been with us [...]
Service Technician
John “Stu” Palmer
John (Stu) is the newest member of our technician staff. He has worked in the [...]
Senior Master Certified Technician
Frank Murray
Frank works in the service department, and diligently cares for his truck in his [...]
Certified Ford Technician
David Simmons
Dave has been with the company for 4 years and has been working in the […]
Senior Master Ford Techician
Albert Routhier
Al has been a valued member of Hampton Ford Hyundai since basically the [...]
Robert Kelley Auto Body Technician
Auto Body Technician
Robert Kelley
<a href=”tel:+603-964-2266″>(603) 964-2266</a>
Madeline Fowler Auto Body Technician
Auto Body Technician
Madeline Fowler
<a href=”tel:+603-964-2266″>(603) 964-2266</a>
Justin Sachetti Auto Body Technician
Auto Body Technician
Justin Sachetti
<a href=”tel:+603-964-2266″>(603) 964-2266</a>
Elizabeth Morey Body Shop Office Coordinator
Seacoast Collision Center Office Coordinator
Elizabeth Morey
<a href=”mailto:emorey@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Mike Hume Body Shop Manager
Seacoast Collision Center Manager
Mike Hume
<a href=”mailto:mhume@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Susan Vandecasteele Service Advisor
Service Advisor
Susan Vandecasteele
Sue may be new to the Hampton Ford family, but she is anything but new […]
Greg Pappas Service Advisor
Service Advisor
Greg Pappas
<a href=”mailto:gpappas@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Dan Bergeron Service Advisor
Service Advisor
Dan Bergeron
<a href=”mailto:dbergeron@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
David Declude Fixed Operations Director
Fixed Operations Director
David Delude
Dave has been in the automotive business since 1995 and has been in all aspects [...]
Heather Lochiatto Cashier
Heather Lochiatto
<a href=”mailto:hlochiatto@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  [...]
Kevin Langlois Finance and Business Manager
Finance and Business Manager
Kevin Langlois
<a href=”mailto:klanglois@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Jimmy Dexter Wholesale Sales
Jimmy Dexter
Jimmy joined our Wholesale Department in 2016. Jimmy is a great, honest guy [...]
Heather Curley Internet Sales Manager
Internet Sales Manager
Heather Curley
<a href=”mailto:hcurley@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Bill Grattan Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Bill Grattan
<a href=”mailto:bgrattan@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Ben Spector Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Ben Spector
<a href=”mailto:bspector@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
David Silvia Sales Manager
Sales Manager
David Silvia
Dave is a true family man, an Army veteran, and passionate sales manager. He [...]
David Friedman Sales Manager
Sales Manager
David Friedman
<a href=”mailto:dfriedman@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Rob Larson General Sales Manager
General Sales Manager
Rob Larson
Rob has been an essential part of our team since 1999. His laid back, [...]
Jay McFarland, Owner and General Manager
Owner and General Manager
Jay McFarland
My family started in the car business over 70 years ago in Concord NH. I […]
Product Specialist
Joshua Brown
<a href=”mailto:jbrown@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Kevin Sweeney Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Kevin Sweeney
<a href=”mailto:ksweeney@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Mark Weatherby Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Mark Weatherby
Mark is a lively and vivacious Sales Consultant. He is the comedian of our team. [...]
Tina Bowden Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Tina Bowden
<a href=”mailto:tbowden@hamptonford.com”>Email</a>  |  [...]
Unchu "Chu" Kwon, Product Specialist
Product Specialist
Unchu “Chu” Kwon
With a neighborly and cheerful personality, Chu is a necessity to our team. She [...]
Blake Carrico Internet Leads Coordinator
Internet Leads Coordinator
Blake Carrico
Blake is a student at UNH studying business. He joined Hampton Ford Hyundai in [...]
Brenden Lavery Wholesale Sales
Brenden Lavery
Brenden has been with Hampton Ford Hyundai in the wholesale department for many [...]